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Virgos may win battles but not wars they don't have the stamina and unemotional nature Caps have. They may cause the mountain to slowly unravel but soon realize they bite off more than they can chew once they pick a war with the Cap. Virgos give us a good mentally stimulating battle but the war is usually won by Capricorns. Most Virgos I met have always had some lomg term damage caused by Capricorns because we are the only ones who can hurt them and Scorpios.

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I see Virgo as the underdog. Nothing gets past a Virgo. Virgos may not start off winning, but we pull through in the end, when it counts. Virgos almost always have a sweetness about them.

Horoscop Urania - Zodia Leu 09 - 15 noiembrie 2019 - Emisiunea Uranissima

Ganstas move in silence Virgoian style. We build solid foundations, why cappi worried bout being on top,thats how you get over throne.

Horoscopes in the day of Saturn 2017-04-22 and 23

I like when ppl keep it real. I'm a virgo and I love my cap friends. Dont have anything bad to say about them. But damn I feel exposed lol. Virgos are cool and smart, but they can be lazy. Don't get me wrong, Capricorns like myself are lazy, but when we have ambition There's no stoping us until we have achieved our goal Seeing as i am a virgo i think this battle will last long.

But i personally don't see then need or want to hurt a cap in anyway shape or form. I have a friend thats a cap and we do get along and she is pretty nice but can be well mean as well.

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But in the end we are good but all in the same i as a virgo do observer more then she does i watch my friends closely because i dont want them to be hurt but show happy. The general diagram shows some changes in the workplace or workplace. The solar eclipse of January 21 can show you a new direction of destiny, not fate. Some may argue about such an aspect in love if they are determined in their lives and do not want it.



On lucrative and in love partnerships. Some natives are supported in exams intuition , others are not, if they know nothing. Some Zodiac Indians are intelligent, others are quite superficial. Personal learning is very important. Including those who have the ascendant in this sign or the karmic knot. Karma can point to sentimental relationships breakage risk , but also relationships that can now be linked.

Only a karmic analysis can determine which relationships are opposing and which relationships may have problems in the future. Attention to health, that there are problems that can overwhelm your body. Not so good is the contrast that the birth sun makes with Lilith of Aquarius — the danger of adultery, betrayal in love.

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