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Link Analysis Experimental. Network Analysis Inbound Links 1 1 Total. Shared in Network This resource is rare in the Library. Alexander Wilson was a published poet, an accomplished musician, a skilled artist and an insightful observer. All these skills came together in his truly revolutionary text, American Ornithology, which is the founding document of American ornithology. Richard Swigg breaks away from the general trend of Oppen studies studies and offers the reader a direct way into the visual and auditory dimension of the poems.

The plays discussed showcase the encounter of unique subcultures, climatic moments providing a background against which frontier people define their daily struggle to survive. Edited by Peter S. Fosl, Transylvania University, and Michael J. McGandy and Mark D. Moorman, independent scholars This volume explores the many dimensions of the work of Joseph P. Drawing from continental sources such as Martin Heidegger and Jean-Paul Sartre as well as North American thinkers such as John William Miller, Fell has secured a place as an enduring and important thinker within the tradition of phenomenological thought.

The book is beautifully written, informed not just by Bishop critics but also by important and neglected poetry critics of the last years…. Scholars and poets will delight on hundreds of pithy observations, fresh readings and analyses. Lewis would like his characters to be better and more engaged citizens of the republic, but is aware of how hard it is to do well and make life meaningful. The essays illuminate the all-important influence of the French Catholic writers Eliot came to know in Paris, including Gide, Claudel, and Philippe. Edited by Edward J.

He writes from the perspective of a first generation Nuyorican who experienced overt racial discrimination. This volume introduces readers to the complex colonialist history that promoted the imposition of American citizenship on Puerto Ricans. Naydan argues that these authors function as literary theologians of sorts and forge a relevant space beyond or between extremes. The information in this book is bounteous and the subject almost forgotten, so this book is a valuable record of a highly interesting figure in the American theatre. Luciano examines a new literary genre that links the Americas together through three common historical experiences: colonization, slavery, and immigration.

Informed by postcolonial theory, this book analyzes a selection of novels from North and South Americas to discuss the impact of ethnicity in the construction of national identities, highlight the inherently transcultural aspect of the American character, and to problematize the concept of the contemporary nation. This exceptional volume brings together for the first time these great contemporaries who never met.

The range of scholars included is impressive, and the essays—addressing not only aesthetics but also issues of gender, race and sexuality—are riveting. The first half of the book concentrates on two major historical novels—The Quest of the Silver Fleece and Dark Princess. The second half gives a historical and practical account of Pan-Africanism and global recognition of human rights.

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The author looks at the historical, political, and sociological implications of cosmopolitanism as the ultimate political and moral goal of humanity. Park examines such self-representing genres as lyric poems, oral history, autobiography, and memoirs written by Korean and Korean Americans from the early twentieth century to the present, in order to explore how these people have shaped their individual or collective identities. Their representations reveal how Koreans in their diaspora came to terms with their ethnic and local selves, and also how the sense of who and what they are changed over the years.

Stitching together 44 profiles and interviews conducted by a range of figures, Plath proves a knowledgeable and emotionally invested guide in taking its author back to the state he left in Plath has been a major player in Updike studies, and his latest effort should be required reading for those wishing to know more about the wunderkind from Shillington. This interdisciplinary study rereads father-daughter incest narratives of the last hundred years to argue for the importance of literature in representing not just circumscribed, singular traumatic events, but for giving voice to chronic and cumulative, or complex, traumatic experiences.

Contributing to the work of the second-wave of trauma theory, this book responds in part to the psychological community, which failed to include complex PTSD in the DSM They focus on the history of the award, close readings of the books, and discussions of how best to use the books in the classroom, library and theater. The essays artfully arranged in this volume seamlessly and gracefully paint a portrait of this ingeniously complex writer of our time.

The book actively contributes to current scholarly critical debates surrounding both empathy and cosmopolitanism. Here Estill surveys that archive as a guide for future researchers, also providing many illuminating, exemplary, and thoughtprovoking analyses informed by relevant scholarship This crucially important book delivers what early modern reception studies needs most: more evidence.

With its command of primary and secondary sources and resourceful case studies, it points the way for future scholarship and demonstrates how that scholarship can proceed.

White, University of Western Australia Hamlet stands as a high water mark of canonical art, yet it has equally attracted rebels and experimenters, those avantgarde writers, dramatists, performers, and filmmakers who, in their adaptations and appropriations, seek new ways of expressing innovative and challenging thoughts in the hope that they can change perceptions of their own world.

As a deconstructionist pioneer, Booth discusses the unsettled meanings in literary works, and insists that readers must be attentive to primary texts. This collection recognizes three faces of Sterne, beginning with several biographical essays examining, respectively, his celebrity status, family life, politics, and philosophy. The second face is that of Tristram, studied from vantage points provided by ethics, linguistics, gender studies, and comparative literature.

The final group of essays examines the face of Yorick as the protagonist of A Sentimental Journey, beginning with an ethnographic study of relationships, moving through questions of identity, and concluding with the possible future of literary studies—a return to aesthetics.

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He examines historical theories of acting and modern concepts of crossgendered, cross-racial, and multifaceted representation, grounding his discussion in a wealth of examples from Shakespeare plays and productions. By William F. By Andrew Moore, St.

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At the same time, he recognizes important differences among them. This is a natural move since he regards these two texts as the second and third installments in a Shakespearean sequence on love, lust, and narcissism that began with Venus and Adonis. True lovers, he argues, are capable of commingling love and strife There is something to be said for this piece of practical wisdom, as for many other arguments in this interesting and illuminating book. There is no other book like it. The topics cover a similarly wide range. The essays focus on the practical applications of theory, scholarship, and editing to performance of early modern plays.

Artese turns her eye in the other direction. She wishes to unearth how folktales inform some of the plays in the canon. Essays honor the scholarly legacy of Charles R.


The only astrology book you'll ever need

Forker addressing the problem of literary influence in original ways and from a variety of perspectives. The emphasis is on the careful, exhaustive, evidencebased scholarship to which Forker dedicated his entire professional life. The essays call attention to how the simplest questions or observations can open up provocative and unexpected scholarly vistas.

Curran studies individualistic character in drama, Shakespearean, and some of the Renaissance ideas informing them. Setting aside such fraught questions as the history of Renaissance subjectivity and individualism on the one hand and Shakespearean exceptionalism on the other, he shows that in some plays a conception has been evidenced of who a particular person is, and has been used to drive the action.


Across readings of late sixteenth to midseventeenth century works, Kyle Pivetti argues that the writers of early modern England found in literary forms—including dumb shows, allegory, and rhyme—the means to construct national memory. Cornelius succeeds in putting together a thorough examination of chronicle sources and earlier texts, as they all come together to communicate a gay identity.

Queer dreams were certainly made of Edward II. The meaning of Scottishness—understood as a kind of kernel or essence, however empty or malleable—changes over time as it does different work in the hands of different authors and at different historical moments.

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A sophisticated, thought-provoking addition. Indeed, Essential Scots serves notice that this sub-field has clearly come of age.

Rovang is a good close reader of Malory, and… the chapters benefit from his familiarity with the characters, plots, subplots, and themes that abound in the Morte. Edited by Paul J. These provocative and lucidly-written essays range across the Swift canon, positioning his works in intense dialogue with other key Enlightenment thinkers on issues of ethics, science and politics. Hammond compellingly presents its subject as first and foremost a civic activist, a man who wrote to live rather than living to write.

This biography is important and persuasive, deeply learned, careful, and engaging.